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Seat Time: 2.5hrs - Desc:

This course will introduce the learner to the notion of discrimination in particular to the workplace. This course will also provide an overview of different types of discrimination, federal and state laws surrounding discrimination, and best practices for supervisors. After completing this program, the learner will be able to:

  • Adhere to best practices for recruitment, hiring, promotions, and conditions of employment.
  • Understand the benefits and consequences of EEO in reference to discrimination.
  • Adhere to federal and state laws surrounding a fair and respectful workplace.

Seat Time: 1.5hrs - Desc:

This course will introduce the learner to diversity in the workplace. The course will familiarize the learner with the importance of maintaining a diverse workplace by highlighting the benefits working in a diverse organization. After completing this course, the learner will understand:

  • How promoting diversity enables the organization to retain talent, increase productivity and profitability, and instill a sense of loyalty in employee.
  • How stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice can serious problems at the organization.
  • Why encouraging cultural awareness among employees is important to the organization.